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Dimmabilities on a Budget

LiteDimmer Micro Single and LiteDimmer Micro Hybrid are flicker-free, entry-level handheld LED dimmers. As the smallest members of the LiteDimmer family, they are perfect for situations requiring small amounts of LiteRibbon, a small LiteMat, or simply for those on a budget. The Micro series is lightweight and travel- friendly and offers a simple yet powerful approach to controlling brightness. LiteDimmer Micro Single EFX is a handheld LED special effects dimmer. As the smallest members of the LiteDimmer family, the Micro EFX dimmers are available in both Fire and Paparazzi variations. These dimmers are designed to create realistic fire effects or paparazzi-style flash effects with small amounts of LiteRibbon or LiteMats. The Micro EFX series is lightweight and travel-friendly and offers a simple yet powerful approach to generating lighting effects on a budget.


Much More than an LED Dimmer

LiteDimmer Pro S3 dimmers are the perfect companion for controlling our LiteRibbon and LiteMat. This latest version has been designed from the ground up to offer the most advanced performance along with rock-solid reliability. Analog potentiometers offer the tactility needed to effortlessly make adjustments, even during the shot, and hideaway function lets you protect them while shooting or storage. Covered by our unconditional warranty, LiteDimmers include cinema-grade electronics that not only have smooth action but are flicker-free to camera even at some of the most extreme settings. The all new housing features an extruded case with cold-shoe slots down each side for flexible mounting options. The housing is capped by rubber bumpers offering protection for the unit as well as sensitive surfaces such as automobiles. Embedded magnets in the bumpers provide just enough attraction to steel to hold during driving shots or to your refrigerator.

Remote LED Dimming

LiteDimmer Wireless is designed as an ultra compact LED controller system. It is comprised of a transceiver capable of transmitting or receiving DMX signal as well as several LED dimmer units. Because these dimmers incorporate advanced RF receivers along with their dimming circuit in one small housing, LiteDimmer Wireless two- and four-channel units are perfect for use with costumes or props, such as lanterns. The system makes use of genuine LumenRadio™ CRMX™ radios for rock-solid performance and compatibility with many third-party wireless transmitters and receivers.


The New Standard in DMX Remote Control

LiteDimmer Studio Series is a professional, cinema-grade, flicker-free LED DMX dimmer. The ultra (32A max) and ludicrous (96A max*) capacity, RDM-capable dimmers offer 8- and 16-bit resolution and allow for adjustable PWM and variable dimmer curves. Affordable and loaded with features, the Studio Series is the new standard in DMX remote control for LiteRibbon.


Designed for +Plus Series Luminaires

Incorporating legendary LiteDimmer cinema-grade electronics, the LiteDimmer +Plus Series includes Hybrid, Chroma, and DMX versions in capacities ranging from 100 to 1600 watts in AC and DC configurations. Some units feature CurrentSense™ technology that regulates the output regardless of the luminaire size. This feature allows for a 400W LiteMat+ Plus 8 to be powered by a 200W LiteDimmer+ Plus unit, which can be helpful when adding a last minute light source to a setup.