ARRI True Blue T, ST, ST Theatre

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ARRI True Blue® Series represent an unprecedented evolution of the Studio and Location fixtures that have been popular workhorses for decades. Following extensive research and feedback from lighting professionals around the world, combined with advances in technology, ARRI has designed a series of highly innovative lampheads with over 30 new improvements for studio and location lighting. With reduced weight, compact size and maximum light output the lampheads of theTrue Blue® Series set a new standard for professional lighting equipment.


The ARRI True Blue ST Series is the ideal choice for TV and film studios where high performance tungsten lampheads are required. Large, high quality lenses provide great efficiency and a wide beam spread.

Bill Holshevnikoff on the ARRI True Blue ST1

Bill Holshevnikoff on the ARRI True Blue ST1

True Blue ST5




Black, Bright, TRUE BLUE


ARRI has a long history of lampheads specifically designed for the special requirements of stage lighting. Leading lighting designers select ARRI fixtures for their superior beam quality, reliability and serviceability. With the new series of Fresnel spotlights, ARRI continues this tradition.

The new tungsten lampheads bring the advantages of the TRUE BLUE range to stage lighting: like all TRUE BLUE tungsten fixtures, they are lighter and smaller than their predecessors without sacrificing superior light distribution and robustness. The new range covers wattages from 1000 to 5000W and are thus suitable for big and small stages alike.